Native Instruments Release Traktor Scratch Duo

25 03 2009

Introducing Traktor Scratch Duo – part of the traktor family – the standard for reliability and creativity in DJing. Features the new Duo DJ Software, plus the award winning Audio 4 DJ Multi channel soundcard, and timecoded vinyl and CD’s.

Traktor Scratch Duo

Scratch Made Simple

For aspiring DJs who want to start spinning their digital tracks on vinyl and CD, TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO is the complete solution that provides both the software and hardware to perfectly fuse the worlds of analog and digital DJing. TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO comes with the powerful TRAKTOR PRO-based TRAKTOR DUO software, the professional AUDIO 4 DJ interface, ultra-precise control records and CDs plus many more valuable features to get you spinning in no time.

Go Duo

The included TRAKTOR DUO software features two state-of-the-art playback decks, an intuitive graphic interface with a Crate Flick cover art browser and unmatched sound quality. Advanced looping capabilities, with multiple loop and cue points plus up to three tempo sync’d effects per channel let you get deep inside the tracks you spin. The result of years of research and development, TRAKTOR DUO combines unparalleled creative potential with ease of use and rock-solid dependability.

Fab 4

TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO comes with AUDIO 4 DJ, a superior USB buspowered audio interface built specifically for DJing with two decks. This low-latency 24-bit/96 kHz interface uses super high-end Cirrus Logic® AD/DA converters for pristine audio quality – just like its big brother AUDIO 8 DJ. Four switchable inputs and four hi-gain (9.7 dBu) outputs let you connect to an external mixer and turntables or CD decks in a matter of moments.

Digital Tracks On Wax

TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO enables you to seamlessly fuse analog and digital DJing. With high-resolution 2 kHz control signal the included vinyl and CDs boast double the resolution of the competitors. This unmatched responsiveness means that everything from slow rubs to quick backspins and even motor-offs responds just like vinyl. Pressed with extreme care onto high-quality 120g discs, it really feels like each digital file is cut into the wax.

Easy Setup

TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO is designed for easy set up and comes with a dedicated set of high-quality Multicore cables (patent pending). Within a few seconds, you can hook up the AUDIO 4 DJ interface to your turntables / CD players and mixer and you’re ready to rock. And with the included TRAKTOR DUO software you can also spin without CD decks and turntables.

For more info, please visit the Traktor Scratch Duo product page

Cubase 5 Product Tour in association with Dolphin Music

10 03 2009


Dolphin Music and Steinberg are presenting the new advanced music production system Cubase 5 exclusively at Leaf Tea Shop & Bar in Liverpool.

Cubase 5 comes with fully integrated new tools for working with loops, beats and vocals, such as LoopMash and VariAudio, combining with new composition features and the first VST3 convolution reverb to take musical creativity to new heights. With stunning innovations and additional enhancements that boost productivity and performance, Cubase 5 represents the absolute cutting edge in digital audio workstations.

The exciting new features and the revolutionary workflow with Steinberg’s Advanced Integration hardware, the MR816 CSX/X FireWire interfaces and CC121 USB controller for Cubase, will be presented by the Steinberg product specialists.

Cubase 5 Product Tour in association with Dolphin Music
Wed 25th March 09
7pm – 10pm

After party DJ by Dolphin Music

Leaf Tea Shop & Bar  (
Elevator Buildings
27 Parliament Street
L8 5RN

London Elektricity Energizes Tracks with iZotope Software

20 11 2008

Groundbreaking DJ/producer Tony Colman—a.k.a. London Elektricity—talks about gear, technique and how to thrive in a changing industry.

Tony Colman, a.k.a. London Elektricity, has been breaking ground as a DJ, producer and label head for over a decade. Not only is he the mastermind behind seminal drum & bass albums like Billion Dollar Gravy and Power Ballads, his label, Hospital Records, has launched the careers of influential artists like High Contrast and Danny Byrd. In addition, Colman’s Hospital Records podcast has become one of the best places to hear innovative, unsigned music before anyone else. We caught up with Colman to talk about gear, technique and how to thrive in a changing industry.

What can London Elektricity fans expect from your upcoming album? We hear rumors that you’ve been working on your guitar chops.
I hate the word expect! It always leads to abject misery in the user. I’ll just say don’t expect anything but hope for an album you can visit time and time again. I’ve ditched mainstream dance music structures for the most part. And yes, I got all my guitars out, filed the frets, sorted the pots and restrung ‘em. They’re all over this record.

You do a lot of work from your home studio and use old, obscure samples from vinyl. How has iZotope RX been helpful in the process of making music and dealing with samples?
iZotope RX has been amazing for me. While I was prepping for this album, I went through my entire sample library and RX’d it. It’s a tool that I never thought would be possible. It’s such fun that it makes you want to use it even when you don’t need to—I find myself making excuses to use RX because it’s so satisfying. It leaves all other clean-up systems behind, even ones that cost 10 times as much.

How have you been using iZotope Ozone in your music?
I’m just getting to the mastering stage now, though I’ve used Ozone on some prior instrument processing jobs. It’s such a powerful tool. Ozone is a unique approach to mastering and once you master it you’ll be integrating it into all your projects.

You and Chris Goss (the original second half of London Elektricity) have managed to create an incredibly successful independent label in an era where MP3 sharing has threatened to make labels obsolete. Care to share any of your secrets?
These are our honest-to-god secrets: DO NOT have a business plan. DO NOT set targets. Just work harder than you ever imagined was possible for longer than you ever thought you’d have to, and treat your artists like you’d like to be treated by a label. And then one day you look over the parapet and you realize the landscape has changed for the better. And don’t be paranoid. File sharing is the best form of viral marketing out there.

There seems to be a very DIY approach to making music among the Hospital artists. When you sign a producer’s music, are you signing finished tracks, or does Hospital step in to help polish the sound?
We sign up talent. Originality. Those things are paramount. Technical expertise can be the most boring thing in the world. It’s tertiary to talent and charisma, because you can’t learn how to be a genius and how to inspire people, but you can learn how to get a brilliant mixdown.

For more information, visit London Elektricity online at and


iZotope Ozone 3

iZotope RX

iZotope Trash

iZotope Spectron

Guns ‘n’ Bombs: America’s Answer to Justice

20 11 2008

Cutting-edge electro-house duo Guns ‘n’ Bombs uses Torq DJ software to conquer the underground club scene.

Guns ‘n’ Bombs has been called “America’s answer to Justice”—and the Los Angeles-based production team boasts the credits and accolades to back it up. In just two short years, the group has released a string of highly successful remixes (Chromeo, The Gossip, Klaxons) and secured a record deal with ultra-hip French label Kitsuné. Comprised of Ima Robot bassist Filip “Turbotito” Nikolic and Chicago DJ Johnny Love, Guns ‘n’ Bombs is known for taking underground clubs by storm and rocking the crowd with their ambitious style of robotic electronica. Their hit single “Nothing Is Getting Us Anywhere” practically dares you not to dance—pulsating with digitized basslines and infectious synth grooves. With a production rig based on Torq DJ software, Guns ‘n’ Bombs continues to attract international attention for their powerhouse performances and dance-friendly remixes.

Performing Live with Torq

The Guns ‘n’ Bombs sound was born from a musical melting pot of hip-hop, electro house and disco influences. To reproduce tracks live, Turbotito uses Torq DJ software for advanced control over his sound clips and backing tracks. “I used to produce a lot of hip-hop in Denmark and we always dreamed about having the vocals on vinyl so we could cut them up,” he explains. “Torq has made all of that possible. We can record a live vocal bite, add effects to it, drop it back in a sample clip and instantly scratch it into our set. Torq allows us to go beyond emulating vinyl by doing something that’s impossible with traditional records. For Guns ‘n’ Bombs stuff, it’s great to manipulate sound clips using vinyl control. I can just throw down my hand for edits and speed control—it’s really fun for experimenting.”

Turbotito was an early adopter of digital DJ technology—he initially tried out Serato and Final Scratch before discovering Torq DJ software. “Torq has extremely accurate pitch controls and beat calculations, making it superior to the other DJ applications,” he says. “It’s super precise, which makes the loops tighter as well. The looping is the best I’ve tried on any system—including CD DJ players and other DJ software.”

For live DJ performances, Turbotito enjoys the intuitive user interface that Torq DJ software provides. “I never really understood the waveform display on Serato,” he relates. “Every time I use it for correcting stuff, I kind of make it worse. I like the waveform display in Torq much better. If you are unsure of what’s going on with your beat matching, it’s so easy to see which track is behind. It makes DJing a visual experience.”

The M-Audio Torq Xponent comes with the revolutionary Torq DJ software

Unique Studio Sounds

Turbotito has developed a unique production style that involves tweaking and manipulating original sounds using a variety of hardware and software tools, including Torq DJ software. “I never use sampled material,” he states. “When I first started making electronic music, I bought a sample CD—but after six months I started hearing those clips and sounds in other people’s music. So now we only use drum samples, no loops.

“I use hardware synths and software plug-ins to make the majority of the Guns ‘n’ Bombs sounds. If you just open a synth and start playing it, it’s going to be totally recognizable. We alter all the sounds we use because I don’t like playing the presets that come with the synthesizer. The looping controls and effects in Torq are great for altering prerecorded synths and drum tracks to create something unique. Torq lets you make your own sound.”

Check The Gear:

M-Audio Torq Xponent

M-Audio Control CD for Torq

M-Audio Torq Conectiv Vinyl/CD Pack Exclusive Gold Vinyl Edition

M-Audio Torq Control Vinyl

For more information, check out 


Justice – Electro Music With Punk Attitude

17 09 2008

French duo Justice are one of the hottest electronic-music acts today. They have achieved great success since the release of their debut album last year, which was even nominated for a Grammy-Award for “Best Electronic/Dance Album”. With an impressive live setup and some cool-sounding records, here’s a great opportunity to check out which gear they use…

Justice are Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay. Either releasing super-catchy pop singles such as “D.A.N.C.E.”; remixing major acts such as Britney Spears, Franz Ferdinand and Daft Punk; or causing widespread controversy (at least back home in France) with their ultra-violent video for “Stress”, Justice have put their mark on the current music scene. Their eclectic sound has managed to attract indie rock and dance music fans alike, and their influences couldn’t be more diverse. They say they are “hardcore fans” of acts such as Sparks, The Beatles, Parliament, Snoop Dogg and Steely Dan, among others.

“We never aimed to do proper dance music. Some of our tracks are being played in clubs by DJs, and that’s great. But we wanted do an album that you could listen to at home – not just a collection of bangers. ” Gaspard told Remix mag.

Unlike many modern DJs, they don’t use MP3s when DJ-ing.

“I think the technical possibilities are wider with CDs than with Serato. You play faster when you don’t have to choose from a million MP3s.” said Xavier.

The act is also vocal about their preference for music software such as GarageBand and Cubase:

“We love the flexibility and the possibilities offered by software. A lot of people say that software is s**** because it doesn’t sound like analog-hardware stuff. I think the fact that it doesn’t sound like analog gear — but something else entirely — is why we like to use it. And with Cubase SX and GarageBand, we mainly used the sound libraries, which are quite amazing.”

Their electro-punk (or “heavy-metal techno” as dubbed by some) sound has gained them fans worldwide and the band has performed on major music festivals across the planet. Their live act is very impressive, consisting of their trademark glowing cross in the middle of the stage, an impressive amount of racks and two mighty walls of Marshall cabs on both sides of the stage.

Justice and their Pioneer CDJ-1000 turntables

Equipment used by Justice in their productions include:

This isn’t Spinal Tap…Justice’s rocking stage gear

Their Live setup includes:

Watch “D.A.N.C.E.” video:


Justice Official Myspace Page

Remix Mag Interview

Ableton offer Operator free with Live 7 until 30/10/8

12 09 2008

Until October 30th, the people at Ableton will be giving away Operator, their acclaimed FM synthesiser, free with Live 7, Live 7 LE and upgrades from Live Lite to the full version.

Worth over £99, Operator compliments Live’s well established presence as a studio production tool, in addition to extending the possibilities of live performance.

Operator is a versatile, easy-to-use and great-sounding software instrument combining classic analog sounds and frequency modulation synthesis, perfectly integrated in Live’s award-winning interface. Drums, basses, leads, pads, percussions, rhythmic ambiences: Operator can do it all, and it’s as simple or complex as the user wants it to be.

To complete this attractive offer, Ableton is also giving away an exclusive Live pack with brand new Operator presets. It features classic analogue drums, a number of innovative percussive sounds and dedicated drum racks for instant and intuitive beat-making.

This offer is valid for the following products:

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