Inside The Pyramid: Daft Punk’s Live Gear

7 07 2008

This is not necessarily breaking news, since this info was first published a while back on Mixmag magazine…but it’s always good to share it with newcomers, considering that Daft Punk are one of the best and most creative electronic artists today. And, like many successful artists, they chose to mix top of the line expensive gear and some surprisingly cheap gear…proof that the most important thing when purchasing something is to use your ears! Sometimes cheap is good!

Anyway, here’s a closer look at Daft Punk’s live setup!

Daft Punk\'s Pyramid

Inside Daft Punk's Pyramid

“The show revolves around Ableton Live software on custom made super-computers, which we remotely access and control with Behringer BCR2000 midi controllers.” (for those not familiar with Ableton, there’s a really good tutorial DVD available quite cheaply – view here)

“Next to the ethernet remote computer screens there are four Minimoog Voyagers, the classic analog synthesizers. They’re a 30-year old design.”

“We can mix, shuffle, trigger loops, filter, distort samples, EQ in and out, transpose or destroy and deconstruct synth lines. We keep some surprises on the side too!”

“There’s a direct connection between our rig and the lights and visuals of the show. The light and video engineers can also add or control layers during the show.”

“Inside the pyramid are synthesizers and remote controls connected to the rest of the music equipment and computers, which are in rack-mounted towers off stage.”

“Working the music equipment, lighting and video equipment, and building the pyramid for each show takes around 10 people, including both of us.”

Not mentioned in the original Mixmag article, an important component of Daft Punk’s live setup is the fantastic Jazz Mutant Lemur. The Lemur is an innovative input device to control computer real-time applications. It combines a distinctive industrial design, a brilliant modular graphic interface concept, and a unique and patented touchscreen technology that can track multiple fingers simultaneously. 

You can see Daft Punk using their Lemurs in this video of their live performance with Kanye West at the 2008 Grammy Awards:



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6 10 2008
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24 05 2009

they hacktually use an alba CD player……..player and that is actually me mate dave,is on yts monies,dressed up as a dpunk,them’s hacktually like milli vannilli,but they dont hacktual dance like mv,it’s me mate dave,on da yts,dems sat at home smoking that hydro-ghetto-shit-init,whilst dave does the alba cd dance
peace and ting……..base…(as in free),

15 07 2009

fuck u

2 07 2012

So it was you and your sister? i knew it cause i fuck her after the show.

15 07 2009

daft punk the best

4 02 2010

Hey, I believe number 2 and 3 titles Moogs & Screens are around the wrong way. Peace!

18 06 2010

I love this website, the information is great and I have bookmarked it in my favorites. This is a well organized and informative website. Great Job!

13 07 2010

Daft Punk’s Pyramid is incredible!

12 08 2010
MIDI Controllers, YouTube Videos, and Daft Punk…Oh my! | Behringer Community

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28 02 2011

Fuck you all

21 05 2011

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6 06 2011

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31 08 2011 » Feelin’ Good, Feelin’ Great…

[…] Behringer BCR-2000 product page  Article about Daft Punk’s live gear (turns out they use Behringer BCR’s too!) Share this: var addedComment = […]

17 04 2012

If you showed a video of these guys performing to someone living in the 1950s it would confirm all their theories about what the future would look like

17 04 2012
Walt Ribeiro ♫ ♫ (@WaltRibeiro)

Best live band out there. I even arranged a lot of their songs for orchestra

16 07 2012

Vasta scelta di bigiotteria artigianale (bracciali, collane, anelli, ciondoli), realizzata con estro e passione, capace di adattarsi a tutti i gusti per essere sempre alla moda e di tendenza.

8 11 2012
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15 02 2013
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25 03 2013
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5 04 2013
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17 05 2013

[…] Daft Punk e a pirâmide da tour de […]

3 06 2013

The video does exist. A-holes!

7 06 2013
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12 08 2013
Marcus Smith Jr.

Daft Punk is one of the best dubstep artists out there.

6 11 2013

Duft punk is rely gud. i like their dub step too

7 12 2013

Daft Punk isn’t Dubstep you retard.

27 01 2014
19 05 2014
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15 09 2016
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15 09 2016
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[…] you want to try and recreate Daft Punk’s famous pyramid setup in your own home, this giant-sized version of the iPad is your best bet. It’s the most powerful, […]

28 02 2017
Walt Ribeiro - Daft Punk 'Aerodynamic' For Orchestra [320 + iTunes] | Free Download

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