4 07 2008
When you’re performing with DJ software, it’s all about pinpoint control, but the wrong feel can be a total creativity killer. That was the concept behind Numark’s special collaboration with Serato™ that produced NS7, the industry’s flagship computer DJ system.


NS7 gives you high resolution control of ITCH that’s so precise and powerful you’ll wonder how you ever gigged without it. By sending signals over USB at more than double the resolution of standard MIDI, NS7 offers outstandingly detailed control with the best possible accuracy and speed.

Two high-torque, motorized 7-inch platters with real vinyl surfaces get you true turntable feel, and a torque control allows you to customize even further. NS7 gives you everything you love about the old-school turntable experience with all the power and flexibility of Serato ITCH software.

Tons of assignable MIDI-controls give you effortless software compatibility and extreme-custom capability. Integrated, audiophile-quality connections and circuitry allow NS7 to also handle all of your audio inputs and outputs for microphones, headphones, PA systems, and more.

NS7 is the system you want with the control you need, and the real feel of vinyl on turntables you demand. When the persistent, uncontrollable desire strikes you at the club, at home, or on the road, don’t scratch the ITCH with anything less than NS7.

The NS7 is available now! View here.




3 responses

4 07 2008

It seems like every time I purchase new equipment, it seems like something better comes out. This setup by Numark looks like one of the best I’ve seen so far.

30 03 2009
DJ Joey G

Numark needs to make a 64 bit drivers for the NS7!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 05 2009
dj nitro

Try finding a laptop that isn’t 64 bit. Wich ns7 does not support.

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