M-Audio Announces Free Torq Tutorial Videos

19 06 2007

 22 free video tutorials designed to help users master every aspect of the powerful and popular Torq DJ software.

The Torq Tutorial video series encompasses a diverse array of topics to support users of all levels. The first videos explain Torq Conectiv and Torq Xponent setup, the Torq Browser, Auto BPM mapping, QuickCue points, looping, built-in effects, MIDI mapping, VST FX, speed and key adjustment, and Snapshots. Later videos explore the Sampler, synchronization, recording the Master Output, External Control, AMPutate mode, using the Line Input, Pitch/Key Lock with External Control, the Mixer, cueing assignment, microphone recording, and QWERTY keyboard functions.

“M-Audio is as committed to educating customers as we are to developing cutting-edge products,” says Adam Castillo, marketing director at M-Audio. “These videos will help new users to understand the capabilities of Torq before purchasing, and will help existing users to go even deeper with new tips and tricks.”

M-Audio’s free Torq video tutorials can be viewed at www.m-audio.com/university or www.torq-dj.com.



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