Allen & Heath Launches Xone DJ Headphones

25 04 2007

Allen & Heath has launched the XD-53 professional monitoring headphones, designed to complement Allen & Heath’s leading brand of Xone DJ mixers.

The XD-53’s incorporate a circumaural isolation design, providing high level isolation from ambient noise, which make them the ideal product for DJ’s requiring immersive listening in loud environments.

Comprising 53mm diameter drivers – the largest drivers currently available – with high power neodymium magnet design, 1500 mW of power handling, and high SPL capacity, the XD-53 headphones deliver excellent sound reproduction. They also have rotating earpieces for easy one-ear monitoring, a coiled cable with convenient one-side exit, and a folding design for compact portability.

“The Xone range of DJ mixers has a staunchly loyal following and many customers were asking if we could design headphones to complement their audiophile set up,” comments head of Xone design, Andy Rigby-Jones. “We’ve bought the same design ethos to the XD-53 headphones as we use for our mixers – they sound fantastic with tons of power, and a sturdy construction.”



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