Edirol Motion Dive .tokyo DJ style VJ Software

28 08 2006


The motion dive .tokyo Performance Package is a collaboration between Digitalstage, creators of motion dive .tokyo, and Edirol. Edirol has enhanced the already famous motion dive .tokyo software by adding MIDI functionality and designing a unique USB powered hardware controller that mirrors the software interface. The combined pieces create a new and exciting way to perform visuals in real time.

A pioneer of visual art software in Japan, Digitalstage first released its motion dive software in 1998. motion dive takes an unique approach by taking two visual sources, and then mixing and switching them in a DJ style performance. After hitting the VJ scene in Japan, with its direct and simple interface, it eventually spread to other cities of the world. motion dive works on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

DJ Style Visual Performance

Just like taking two music tracks and fading them back and forth, scratching or adding effects, the idea is the same on the motion dive. Use the smooth A/B Fader to alternate between channel A and B, scratch the clips rhythmically with the Scratch Buttons, and use the Control Knobs to control color EQ effects and the BPM. Selecting video clips are quick by dragging and dropping them to the A and B output channels, or by using the large dial and channel buttons on the controller.

Wide File Support

motion dive can import QuickTime movies and most picture formats from digital cameras. It also supports AVI and MPEG files, as well as Macromedia Flash contents. It can even playback AIFF/WAV/MP3 audio files on the computer’s hard disk. To get you started right away, motion dive comes with a video library created by several top professional VJ artists.

Audio and Visual Collaboration

With motion dive, you can play and remix the visuals along to the music, and then record and playback your visual performance as one piece of artwork. For this bundled package, motion dive can receive MIDI messages, therefore you can connect an electronic instrument to the controller unit, and perform the music and visuals at the same time. For instance, you can program your music and your clip sequences on a separate sequencer, and control visual effects from your instrument.



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