The world’s most advanced ‘DJ friendly’ analogue crossfader from Eclectic Breaks

22 08 2006

Frustrated with the products being offered on the market, professional DJ company, Eclectic Breaks, has developed what it believes is the world’s most advanced ‘DJ friendly’ analogue crossfader. Not only does the retrofitting EB Pro-X-Fade crossfader utilise 100% conductive plastic tracks for longer fader life, it allows DJ’s to physically change the feel of the fader to suit their particular needs. By employing the easily accessible cut-in rotaries, the DJ can also alter the cut-in point to provide an instant on/off switch feel, or gradual volume increase mode. In addition, by utilising the correct connectors and faceplate, DJ’s can now interface with numerous analogue and digital mixer architectures from the most popular manufacturers. Highly distinguishable, the EB Pro-X-Fade benefits from a wider stem to prevent breakage during use or while in transit. Fully endorsed and supported by a substantial number of champion DJ’s and venues around the world, the EB Pro-X-Fade has been designed to allow easy access for lubricating and cleaning the fader-pole. With this in mind all crossfaders are supplied with industry standard lubrication oils and adjustment tools to keep them in perfect condition.



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