What is Final Scratch?

21 08 2006

FinalScratch is the ultimate way for DJs to combine today’s digital technology with the analog control of the past. By using FinalScratch with your existing turntables or CD player and mixer, you can control and manipulate digital audio files (WAV, MP3, etc.) the same way you always have—using your hands to cue, mix and scratch with the exact response and feel of real vinyl.

Just load any digital audio file onto your computer, then pick and choose from your own playlist as you load tracks into two “virtual” decks. Your computer becomes your record box—there’s no need to travel with bulky records and CDs. With FinalScratch, you can bring thousands of songs to any gig! Producers can even load new remixes and edits created in the studio and instantly play them without the need to cut costly acetates.

FinalScratch can work with any DJ setup consisting of turntables or CD players and a mixer. You can even use it at a club: simply connect the ScratchAmp™ to the club’s mixer and you’re ready to go. What’s more, many of the world’s best nightclubs have already installed ScratchAmps in the DJ booth, so DJs can show up with just their laptop and FS records.

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